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Our most luxurious offerings to date utlising the finest quality yarns/wool in the world.

Each collection has been specifically designed to offer the wearer a unique selection of classic and contemporary designs, ensuring that your client will come back to you again and again.

Resilient is attained through naturally retained crimp from fleece to finish. Each collection utilises state of the art decating processes to ensure batch on batch consistent colour shading. A modern finish for a traditional market

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Cloth Bunches

Shop Cloth Bunches

Shop VV Legends

Shop Castle Hill

VV24 Seven

Shop VV 24 Seven

Shop Dalton Flannel

Shop Limitless

Shop Regal 

Shop Instinct

Shop Gabardine

Integrity V2 Collection

Shop Integrity V2

Shop Gatsby 

Shop Jubilee


Shop Aimbry

Shop Pinnacle

Shop VV150’s

Shop Howick 

Shop Coatings

Shop Magdale

Shop Folly Hall

Shop Lockwood

Tux & Tartans

Shop Tux & Tartans

Shop Linen & Cotton

Shop Autumn

Shop Digital Lining 

Allure Linings Volume One

Shop Allure Volume One

Allure Linings Volume Two

Shop Allure Volume Two

Allure Linings Volume Three

Shop Allure Volume Three

Symmetry Shirting

Shop Symmetry

Shop Seersucker

Shop Corduroy

Shop Valour

Symmetry Shirting

Shop English Tweeds & Twills

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